7 Ways to Style a Chest of Drawers for an Elegant Look

Chest of drawers is an essential piece of furniture in any room that adds not only storage space but also a touch of elegance. One of the most versatile furniture items you can invest in is a grey chest of drawers, as this colour complements any design and style. In this post, we will share seven unique ways to style your chest of drawers, so that it becomes the focal point of any room.

1. Add a Statement Mirror Above

One of the easiest ways to elevate the look of your grey chest of drawers is by hanging a statement mirror above it. Choose a mirror with a unique shape or frame to create a stunning focal point. Not only will it enhance the aesthetic of the room, but also reflect light to make the space feel brighter and more inviting.

2. Display Art Pieces

For those who enjoy showcasing their artistic side, placing a few art pieces on top of the chest of drawers is an excellent way to personalize the space. It could be a single, large painting that commands attention or a collection of smaller pieces that create visual interest.

3. Use Decorative Trays

Decorative trays are a fantastic accessory that can help you keep the items on the chest of drawers organized while looking stylish. Use trays in different sizes and shapes to create a visually appealing and functional space.

4. Stack Books

Books can not only be a great read, but they can also double as decorative items. Stack a few eye-catching books on your grey chest of drawers to add a touch of sophistication and a pop of colour. You can also use bookends to create structure and balance.

5. Incorporate Greenery

Adding plants or fresh flowers to your chest of drawers can instantly enhance the space while providing a lively, soothing vibe. Choose low-maintenance plants or opt for a vase with fresh flowers that can be regularly replaced to keep the arrangement feeling new.

6. Add Stylish Lighting

By placing a stylish table lamp or a modern pendant light above your chest of drawers, you can add warmth and help set the mood of the space. The reflection of the light on the grey chest of drawers will provide an elegant glow that complements any room.

7. Create a Gallery Wall

For those who have an extensive art collection or a wide array of family photos, creating a gallery wall above your chest of drawers can complete the look. Use a mix of frames and sizes to create a dynamic display that showcases your personality and style.

In conclusion, your chest of drawers doesn’t have to be a dull and purely functional piece of furniture. With these seven stylish ideas, you can transform it into an elegant focal point that enhances the aesthetic of any room. Remember that the key to success is to choose a style that reflects your personality and complements the overall design of your space.