Transform Your Chest of Drawers: 10 Easy Styling Tips and Tricks

Chest of drawers are an essential piece of furniture in every house. They not only provide ample space for all your storage needs but also can be made into a stunning centerpiece with a dash of creativity and style. Here are our top 10 styling tips and tricks to give your chest of drawers a dramatic makeover.

Capsule your Color Palette:

Opt for a chest of drawers in a range of trending hues. A grey chest of drawers can serve as a modern, neutral backdrop for more colorful decorative items. Introduce different tones of the same color to give a fresh and clean look.

Use them as a design anchor:

An elegantly styled chest of drawers can anchor the room and provide a focal point. Place it symmetrically against a wall and balance it with equally weighted items, like two lamps, on each side.

Showcase your collectibles:

Chest of drawers provide a perfect platform to exhibit your collectibles. Displaying items of varying sizes and shapes adds a personal touch and creates an interesting visual appeal.

Accessorize with Art:

Place an oversized painting or a group of smaller framed prints above the chest of drawers. This doesn’t only provide a pop of color but also generate a captivating view.

Light it up:

Adding a lamp on the chest of drawers not only illuminates the area but also enhances the overall ambiance of the room.

Utilize the Space Underneath:

Empty space under your chest of drawers provide an immediate area for storage.

Mix Geometric Shapes:

Add in some geometric elements to your styling. They can be in the form of mirror, photo frames or even the drawer handles.

Add Elements of Nature:

Place a potted plant, a small bouquet or a vase of flowers to bring a breath of fresh air to the setting.

Experiment with Textures:

Include objects of different surfaces such as a smooth ceramic bowl, a woven basket, or a glass vase, to add depth and interest.

Use Trays and Baskets:

Trays and baskets are excellent for categorizing and storing smaller items like jewelry, watches, and glasses.

In conclusion, the traditional grey chest of drawers is a highly versatile piece of furniture. With these simple yet creative tips, you can easily transform your plain chest of drawers into a stylish and functional asset to your room. A blend of aesthetics, practicality, and personality is all it takes to create a unique and appealing chest of drawers arrangement. May these tips stimulate some worth-trying ideas for a fresher, well-curated space!