Transform Your Chest of Drawers: 10 Easy Styling Tips and Tricks

Whether it’s sitting in your bedroom or living room, a chest of drawers is more than just a functional storage unit. It’s a surface that waits to be adorned, to exhibit your style, and to tell your own story. But how do you transform this often overlooked piece of furniture into a stylish statement maker? With our top 10 easy styling tips and tricks, you will be able to transform any grey chest of drawers into a trendy focal point of your interior design.

1. Contrast is key

A simple way to make your chest of drawers stand out is by contrasting it with its surroundings. A dark grey chest of drawers will pop in a room with lighter shades, and vice versa.

2. Level up with lamps

Placing a trendy lamp on your chest of drawers not only gives the functional utility of light but adds height which draws the eyes upward, balancing the horizontal nature of the chest.

3. Go green

Incorporating plants onto your chest of drawers is an effortless way to breathe life into your space. Choose plants with differing heights to create a visual landscape.

4. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Positioning a mirror above your chest of drawers can dramatically enhance the perception of space in any room.

5. Showcase your collections

Your chest of drawers can be an exhibit for your cherished collections, be it photo frames, books or vintage trinkets.

6. Utilize beautiful boxes

Stylish storage boxes provide the dual benefits of functionality and aesthetics. They keep clutter out of sight and add a touch of elegance.

7. Play with proportions

Mix and match accessories of different sizes. This creates an aesthetic appeal that lures the eye to wander.

8. Cozy up with candles

Candles, particularly the scented ones, add a warm and cozy feel. They also act as a stunning decor piece when not lighted.

9. Artistic flair

An art piece or a lovely photo frame placed on the chest of drawers will infuse your personality into the room.

10. Layer your love

Stacking books, a vase atop a decorative box, or placing small items atop larger ones create a layered look and add depth to your styling.

In conclusion, styling your chest of drawers can be a fun and rewarding process, resulting in a transformed space that reflects your style and personal touch. So, unleash your creativity and give these tips and tricks a try. Happy decorating!